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    At Megamorph, we deliver a comprehensive array of cleaning liquids meticulously formulated to meet the stringent cleaning standards required in institutional and industrial settings. 

    Leveraging our deep expertise and market intelligence since our inception, we empower institutional brands with cutting-edge cleaning solutions tailored for one of the world’s fastest-growing markets.

    Product Range

    Heavy-Duty Degreasers
    Engineered to combat the toughest industrial grease, oil, and grime, ensuring surfaces are thoroughly clean and residue-free.

    Pack Size: 500 ML | 1 L
    Industrial-Strength Disinfectants
    Broad-spectrum disinfectants designed to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and pathogens, essential for maintaining sanitized environments.

    Pack Size: 500 ML | 1 L


    Specialty Cleaners
    Acidic Cleaners:
    Tackle mineral deposits, scale, and rust on various surfaces.

    Alkaline Cleaners:
    Remove heavy soils and protein-based stains from industrial machinery.

    Solvent Cleaners::
    Effective against stubborn adhesives, tar, and grease.

    Multi-Surface Cleaners:
    Versatile cleaners suitable for a range of surfaces, providing a thorough clean without damaging them.
    Industrial Floor Cleaners
    Degreasers for Floors:
    Formulated to cleanse industrial floors of grease and dirt effectively.

    Concrete Cleaners:
    Restore concrete floors by removing stains and grime.
    Sanitizers and Sterilizers
    Surface Sanitizers:
    Kill 99.9% of germs on hard surfaces, ensuring a hygienic workspace.

    Sterilizing Solutions:
    Provide comprehensive microbial control in critical areas like labs and healthcare facilities.
    Specialty Disinfectants
    Hospital-Grade Disinfectants:
    Meet healthcare standards for antimicrobial protection.

    Food-Safe Disinfectants:
    Safe for use in food-related areas, adhering to safety regulations.

    Odour Control Products:
    Neutralize and eliminate industrial odours, leaving a fresh, clean scent.
    Glass and Metal Cleaners
    Glass Cleaners:
    Remove oxidation and tarnish, enhancing the appearance of metal surfaces.

    Metal Cleaners:
    Ensure a streak-free shine on all glass surfaces.
    Specialty Solvents and Cleaners
    Degreasing Solvents:
    Quickly clean grease and oil from machinery.

    Parts Washers:
    Provide effective cleaning in parts washing machines.